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Professionals and hobbyists can now construct breathtaking landscape designs using Earthscape software.

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  • Easy to use CAD system
  • Realistic photo imaging
  • Plant library with over 6500 items
  • Free technical support

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Plus, improve your client meetings with a design assessment guide (sent instantly).

"People respond to the visual presentation. The bottom line is that it does help sell jobs easily."

− Nick Roth, Nick’s Landscaping

"EARTHSCAPES is truly a money machine and a remarkable tool to convey landscape ideas to customers."

− Jim Barron, Owner of Barrons Nursery

"I sold a $5,500 job within the same week of purchasing EARTHSCAPES. Offering a photo design sells jobs! It makes me smile that my rough skills scored a job that easy!"

− Jason Haines, Supreme Landscape

"EARTHSCAPES is a very user friendly program with excellent graphics…and the customer support is outstanding!"

− Kent Hammond, Head of Landscaping and Construction, OSUA

"An easy sale when you present a design created with the EARTHSCAPES software!"

− James Lawrence, Artscapes, San Antonio, TX

The #1 “Money-Making” Tool for Landscape Business

Grow your business using high-impact, professional looking landscape plans that sell. Almost every landscape professional has lost business because their client could not visualize the project. Those days are over. With EARTHSCAPES in your tool belt, you can easily show how beautiful the finished job will look. Easy to Use Tool That Sells Jobs
  • Create professional quality designs and site plans that win clients
  • Make more sales using the premier landscape photo design planning tool
  • Work efficiently using the built-in job estimator

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Plus, improve your client meetings with a design assessment guide (sent instantly).

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Create a custom library and add your own plant and design element pictures

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EARTHSCAPES site plan templates are turn key and include a title block

Watercolor Effect on Site Plan   Professional Landscape Design Software   YouTube

Turn finished designs into beautiful watercolors

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Seasonal light design

Remove Old Landscape Elements for New Design   YouTube

Wipe out old landscape from your project photo

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Instantly create an outdoor living space

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Create a formal patio design