A Design for the Heavens

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  • June 29, 2012

While not exactly a stairway to heaven, the interior landscape by San Antonio Landscape Designer, James Lawrence of Artscapes, is definitely an out-of-this-world installation.

interior waterfall near escalatorSteve’s reputation for unique water features earned him an opportunity to showcase his talent at the most heavenly place on earth, his church. The church was undergoing a MAJOR construction project and they asked James to design a unique water feature that would be positioned in a precarious location between a stairway and an escalator.

Challenging Design Time Frame

James took on the challenge despite the church’s expectation to review the design in a few short days notice. He knew he could rely on the design services of the Visual Impact Imaging office and the power of the designs created with the EARTHSCAPES software to sell the project.

Read James’ account of this heavenly design project.


I was called for this project at the end of the addition of a lobby to a large church. They advised me that the pastor thought it would be great to build a waterfall in between the escalators and stairs. I asked how soon they needed a bid and they asked if I could come today. Upon viewing the project I noted the difficulty but told them it could be done. They asked for a price and design by Friday (4 days). Normally, I don’t take on projects like this because of timing but it just happens to be the church that I am a member of and I thought it would be great for business.

Because I was very busy with other installs, I decided to call the Visual Impact Imaging office to help me with the design. They replied immediately and gave me a rough estimate of what I would pay after I sent them some pictures of the project. I approved the cost and the next morning the Visual Impact Imaging office sent me a rough draft. I had my design and estimate early Friday and a signed agreement the following week! The church was so excited they showed the water feature design in the board meeting and my phone starting ringing. At the grand opening the water feature was ‘THE FEATURE’ that caught everyone’s attention. Thanks for assisting me with this project. Always an easy sale when you present a design created with the EARTHSCAPES software!

James Lawrence
San Antonio, TX

See the before photo along with the final result after installation below:


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