Professional landscape design software that wins clients

Visual Impact Imaging is the leading provider of professional landscape design software for the Landscape and Garden Industry.

We make and support the user-friendly, “project selling” EARTHSCAPES landscape design software.

Our site plans and photo renderings are used by individual landscape contractors and Fortune 500 firms to communicate and sell design proposals. Regardless of your company size, EARTHSCAPES provides you with the powerful, easy-to-use, landscape design tool.

Landscape design of entry gate using EARTHSCAPES software

EARTHSCAPES photo design of landscaping project

The #1 “Money-Making” Tool for Landscape Business

Almost every landscape professional has lost business because the client could not visualize the completed project. That’s why EARTHSCAPES software was created. Grow your business by closing more jobs using high-impact, professional looking plans.

Leap Over Your Competition

Bypass sales objections by showing your clients exactly how the finished project will look. Let them view how a prize tree or water feature will enhance their property.

With personalized site plans and photo realistic finished projects. EARTHSCAPES Landscape Design Software provides for the creation of traditional drafting methodology with the efficiency of technology.

EARTHSCAPES software includes both high-resolution photo-imaging capabilities and to-scale site plan drafting. EARTHSCAPES also includes an estimator to easily calculate bids as well as a diverse plant library of 5,500 objects accommodating every USDA plant hardiness zone.

Free Support  and Design Assistance

Our friendly staff is ready to get you up and running with EARTHSCAPES.  You will create stunning visuals, professional site plans and accurate estimates in no time.  Visual Impact Imaging is skilled in serving your design needs whether it is with technical support or design assistance during your peak season.

Produce Professional Design Plans

Photo GalleryWe are committed to providing the green industry the most advanced technological tools, user-friendly interface and widely compatible platform, making EARTHSCAPESan integral component for every landscape company.

This exclusive advantage is based on Visual Impact Imaging’s strategic partnership with the Corel Corporation. Together, we develop the ultimate software that enables designers to transform their ideas into professional results. Since 1993, the combination of vision, business management and focus on customer service has made Visual Impact Imaging the leader of the landscape design software industry.

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Stellar Customer Service

Visual Impact Imaging’s provides landscape professionals with the highest quality landscape design software and technological tools. We are committed to customer service and development of innovations so that our customers can create extraordinary landscape solutions.

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“EARTHSCAPES sell jobs easily”
– Nick Roth, Nick’s Landscaping