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EARTHSCAPES is an empowering Landscape Design Solution that is easily adopted into your existing curriculm.  Based upon Corel technology, EARTHSCAPES delivers an easy to learn application with self-training materials.  Use EARTHSCAPES to illustrate design principles and selection of plant material through the use of visuals.

EARTHSCAPES will create champions within your landscape/horticultural program allowing them to succeed as leaders in the industry.  Your students’ comfort, excitement and motivation are the driving force to enhance your landscape design curriculum with the benefits of technology.

  • Students naturally understand the tools available within EARTHSCAPES
  • Prepare students with the same design tools used by industry pros
  • Fulfill curriculum requirements with the excitement of technology

Using the same software solution that many landscape professionals have chosen, students of all levels will create professional photo quality concept design as well as traditional to scale site plans.

  1. Professional- design tools used by the industry
  2. Easy to learn within a limited course cycle
  3. Training resources available for instructor and students
  4. Educational pricing available

Engage Students and Meet Curriculum Requirements with EARTHSCAPES.

From professional quality design results to custom marketing materials, EARTHSCAPES is the complete solution that allows you to exceed your customers expectations. The EARTHSCAPES  software guide shows you step by step how to create a design concept with digital photos and site plans to help you win more jobs against your competition within just a few hours.

Students “look forward to EARTHSCAPES coursework”

"The kids look forward to the week when we introduce EARTHSCAPES into their coursework. They are naturals with computers and often show me a new trick they learned with the design software."

− Johnny Davis, Buckeye Career Center

"Our horticulture instructors immediately recognized how to implement the use of EARTHSCAPES design software in the classroom. It parallels nicely with our existing curriculum."

− Kevin Bell, Vocational Coordinator, Norfolk County Ag H.S.

Teach with Professional Grade Landscape Design Software

This video shows you how to quickly create a new backyard landscape for your client.

Easily Create Your Project with the Site Plan Designer

  • Contractor-friendly design tool that is easy-to-use
  • Choose your page size and scale; accommodates any size project
  • Color package included with your purchase; no additional fees
  • Work with contractors and engineers; Compatible with AutoCAD
  • Save final design as PDF and print large 24”x 36” anywhere
  • Supports Go iLawn or Google Map aerial map files

Save Time with
EZ Job Estimator

  • Customize final estimate with your company logo
  • Create a custom database and assign properties to plant symbols
  • Estimate is ready to print when you complete a site plan

Sell Jobs with Photo Realistic After Images

  • Easily show your customers how the completed project will look
  • Convert leads into jobs with the power of a visual concept
  • Quickly change the design concept while meeting with customers
  • Advanced tools to provide a realistic visual concept

Use the Ultimate Plant and Hardscape Library

  • High-quality images provide professional results (300 dpi)
  • Huge 5500 image library of plant and hardscape items
  • Flexible, add your own custom images
  • Time saver! Use the search function to locate library images
  • Expandable viewing window to display more thumbnails

Click here to view a plant list

System Requirements

Your computer system must meet the following requirements in order to run any of our software products:

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8:

  • 2.2 GHz dual-core Processor or greater
  • 4.0 GB RAM (8.0+ recommended)
  • 1024×768 Resolution
  • 7.5GB available hard drive space
  • DVD Rom Drive
  • 256MB Integrated Video Card (512MB-1.0GB video card recommended)

Mac users:

  • Parallels or Boot Camp installed to run Windows (Windows 7 recommended)
  • 2.2 GHz dual-core Processor (Quadcore or greater preferred)
  • 4.0 GB RAM (6-8GB recommended)
  • 1024×768 Resolution
  • 7.5GB available hard drive space
  • 512MB or greater recommended

The specifications listed are bare minimum. If you expect to do heavy graphics on CAD plans, the video card may lag if it is not designed for CAD with OpenGL 3.0 or higher. Workstation graphics cards perform best. For more detailed information, contact our office: 330-259-7661.

We are happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee?
You receive a 30 day money back guarantee with your purchase of EARTHSCAPES.  Install and begin the design process.  If you feel as though EARTHSCAPES does not meet your organization’s needs, you have the right to return.

How much does EARTHSCAPES cost?
We offer special educational pricing. Please call our office at 330-259-7661 to talk about your needs.

Do I need to purchase a separate package for color site plans?
No, site plans can be created in black and white as well as full color.  EARTHSCAPES offers artistic tools that turn final designs in watercolors and pencil sketches.  The artistic effects can be used on both photo designs and site plans.

How frequently do you offer Training?
Training classes are often offered in conjunction with regional tradeshows.  Check the Upcoming Events page to see what exciting location is our next stop.

Is EARTHSCAPES compatible with AutoCAD?
Yes. EARTHSCAPES supports more than 100 file formats, including AutoCAD DWG™ and DXF™, Microsoft® Visio® (VSD), SVG, DOCX, XLS, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

Do I use my own photo of the project site for the Photo Imaging program?
Yes!  Start with a picture of the project site when creating a Before and After visual concept.  This can be an image you capture with your digital camera or a photo your customer sends prior to your initial consultation meeting.

How is the library organized?
The library is categorized in catalogs (walls, waterfeatures, trees south, flowers, etc).  A search function within the library allows for an efficient look-up by botanical or common name.  Customize the Favorites folder to include all of your tried and true plants and signature design elements.

Can I email final designs?
Save your final designs as a standard image file such as a jpeg, bmp, tif or pdf file to share with other members on your design team or to customers for revisions.  Take caution sharing and giving away your concepts with leads not committed to using your services.

What hardscape materials are included with the library?
The EARTHSCAPES library is not product specific. The walls, pavers and driveway library catalogs contains approximately 200 different design styles respectfully.  If you do not find a specific pattern, color or style, you can upload your own photo or an image directly from the hardscape manufacturer.

Not Seeing Your Question?
Please call our office at 330-259-7661 or email with your questions. We’ll help answer your question right away!

Incredible Value $1195!

  • 30 day full, no hassle refund
  • Free design and technical assistance

“80% of our jobs are sold using a design created with EARTHSCAPES.  EARTHSCAPES is a vital business tool.”

Mark Soucek, Turf Trimmers