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Unlock Plant and Hardscape Sales with Personalized Landscape Plans

EARTHSCAPES provides Garden Centers with the key to unlocking more plant, hardscape and related product sales.
Whether for DIY or installed services, Garden Centers will find that adding EARTHSCAPES Landscape Design Solutions to their services heightens the level of expertise and personal experience each customer receives.

  • Engage with customers
  • Increase retail sales
  • Save time providing solutions for customer’s landscape challenges
  • Easy to use! Your entire staff can use EARTHSCAPES.

Use EARTHSCAPES as part of an existing “We Plan, You Plant” campaign to make your Garden Center the visible expert in proper plant placement and overall landscape design. EARTHSCAPES provides the latest selling advantages and technology that will have your customers leaving with a beyond belief experience worth sharing!

"Using EARTHSCAPES and offering computer design services is a HUGE success at Rice’s; far beyond expectations. Customers can hardly believe that the photo rendered designs barely take any time to create…It’s amazing that a 30 minute design sells between $500-1,000 worth of plant material!"

− Steve Maddox, Rice’s Nursery

"EARTHSCAPES landscape design software is the best investment we ever made. It sells the jobs 10 times over."

− Gilbert Morse, Country Club Nursery

"Our ROI Was Through The Roof! A ‘We Plan, You Plant’ strategy is initiated when a customer brings in a digital photo. Thirty minutes later, a design software creates an instant curb appeal right before the homeowner’s eyes. The happy home owner leaves with satisfaction and the urge to share this ‘way cool service’ with all of their friends. "

− -Kurt Fromherz, Contributing Author, Today’s Garden Center publication

Quick Design Consults Boost Sales

This video shows you how to quickly create a new backyard landscape for your client.

Easily Create Your Project with the Site Plan Designer

  • Contractor-friendly design tool that is easy-to-use
  • Choose your page size and scale; accommodates any size project
  • Color package included with your purchase; no additional fees
  • Work with contractors and engineers; Compatible with AutoCAD
  • Save final design as PDF and print large 24”x 36” anywhere
  • Supports Go iLawn or Google Map aerial map files

Save Time with
EZ Job Estimator

  • Customize final estimate with your company logo
  • Create a custom database and assign properties to plant symbols
  • Estimate is ready to print when you complete a site plan

Sell Jobs with Photo Realistic After Images

  • Easily show your customers how the completed project will look
  • Convert leads into jobs with the power of a visual concept
  • Quickly change the design concept while meeting with customers
  • Advanced tools to provide a realistic visual concept

Use the Ultimate Plant and Hardscape Library

  • High-quality images provide professional results (300 dpi)
  • Huge 5500 image library of plant and hardscape items
  • Flexible, add your own custom images
  • Time saver! Use the search function to locate library images
  • Expandable viewing window to display more thumbnails

Click here to view a plant list

System Requirements

Your computer system must meet the following requirements in order to run any of our software products:

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8:

  • 2.2 GHz dual-core Processor or greater
  • 4.0 GB RAM (8.0+ recommended)
  • 1024×768 Resolution
  • 7.5GB available hard drive space
  • DVD Rom Drive
  • 256MB Integrated Video Card (512MB-1.0GB video card recommended)

Mac users:

  • Parallels or Boot Camp installed to run Windows (Windows 7 recommended)
  • 2.2 GHz dual-core Processor (Quadcore or greater preferred)
  • 4.0 GB RAM (6-8GB recommended)
  • 1024×768 Resolution
  • 7.5GB available hard drive space
  • 512MB or greater recommended

The specifications listed are bare minimum. If you expect to do heavy graphics on CAD plans, the video card may lag if it is not designed for CAD with OpenGL 3.0 or higher. Workstation graphics cards perform best. For more detailed information, contact our office: 330-259-7661.

We are happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is EARTHSCAPES?
Rest assured that everyone within the garden center can be trained to use EARTHSCAPES.  The short tutorial lesson introduces you to the tools as you create a landscape design.  All questions can be answered through Visual Impact Imaging technical support.

Can I add plant material from the nursery to the library?
Yes!  You can add to the over 5,500 images included in the Plant and Hardscape library.  If you wish to add pictures of your own plant material simply take a digital photo.  EARTHSCAPES provides you with the tools to cut out your photos and save them to the library for future use.

What do I tell the garden center client to bring when they come in for the design service?
If your customers are comfortable with send emails as attachments, ask them to send a jpeg of the project site.  If a customer expresses hesitation, ask for them to take photos of the site and bring the digital camera with them for the consultation.  Using a SD card reader, you can open and use the images straight from the customer’s camera.  A third option is to ask your customer to save the images to a flash stick and bring this removable storage device with them for the design consultation.

Do garden centers charge for this service? 
Garden centers using EARTHSCAPES as a design tool are very profitable.  Whether you choose to charge for your design service or not, your sales will increase.  EARTHSCAPES is a powerful tool to communicate design ideas and sell garden goods by simply dragging and dropping them onto the Before picture.  The WOW Factor is achieved the minute your share After image and client witnesses their instant makeover.  They are sold and begin asking for assistance to purchase the plants and elements featured in the design.

How many computers can I install EARTHSCAPES?
EARTHSCAPES is licensed for 2 computer stations.  You may choose to install on a laptop or desktop.  Additional stations can be purchased at a reduced rate. You may also transfer an EARTHSCAPES license if a new computer is purchased.

What type of computer is needed to run EARTHSCAPES?
EARTHSCAPES runs on Windows and is compatible with XP, Vista and 7.  For details, please see system requirements.

How do I learn how to use EARTHSCAPES?
There are many training resources to cater to every type of learning style.  Your order includes a Tutorial Manual, Training Reference CD and Free technical support.  Something the Visual Impact Imaging office is very proud about are the weekly Tip of the Week emails.  As an EARTHSCAPES customer, you will receive an email giving notification of a new tip and link to the online user forum.  The weekly tips are very popular and keep our customers engaged.  No worries if you can’t get to the tip the day it was delivered.  All tips are saves and archived on the forum.  You can access the tips by visiting www.myEARTHSCAPES.com .

What type of printer is needed?
A good quality photo printer works well to print the photo quality designs created with EARTHSCAPES.

Incredible Value $1195!

  • 30 day full, no hassle refund
  • Free design and technical assistance

“80% of our jobs are sold using a design created with EARTHSCAPES.  EARTHSCAPES is a vital business tool.”

Mark Soucek, Turf Trimmers